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Keyboard, Video, Mouse: How to Choose a KVM Switch for Your Business

b2ap3_thumbnail_keyboard_video_mouse_400.jpgA business's IT infrastructure is complex and confusing. Just like a puzzle, it is made up of several vastly different pieces that come together to perform a particular function. One of the things that ties an IT infrastructure together is a KVM switch. Without a quality KVM switch, your network might fail to operate properly. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right KVM solution for your business.

The KVM switch, or the "keyboard, video, mouse," is a device which allows you to control your organization's keyboards, monitors, and mouses with a single unit. This particular device is especially important for the network administrator, as they will be able to oversee and control each machine with the flick of a switch.

No two IT networks are the same, and as such, there are several different KVMs available to your business. Knowing the difference between them can help you weed out the good from the bad, and get you the best solution for your situation, for the right price. Whether your network runs multiple offices, or is only a few computers located within one building, there's a KVM switch out there tailor-made for your business.

Video Quality Matters
Video should always be kept in mind when looking for a KVM switch. The world hasn't quite ditched the traditional VGA-based analogue video capabilities yet, but we have been transitioning into the realms of DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort slowly but surely. It's imperative to know the differences between these video outputs, especially when you think you've found a great match. It sure would be a shame if you were to purchase the wrong kind of KVM switch and wasted both your time and money.

Secure Your KVM Switch
Security should be at the heart of all of your technology, and the KVM switch is no different. You can prioritize security by using a KVM over IP switch that specifically utilizes encryption protocol, which protects information sent to and from your network. According to Processor magazine, "Today's remote KVM solutions are extremely powerful and can do an incredible amount of damage if compromised. Be aware of vulnerabilities with the remote management solutions embedded in today's servers." If the switch were to fall into the hands of a hacker, you can bet that the immense amount of data stolen will be put to nefarious schemes.

Prepare to Send Your Network into the Future
With any expensive technology, you want to ensure that the hardware won't grow outdated, or can't adapt to the scope of your business following its installation. Before purchasing expensive equipment, consult professional IT technicians to ensure they can stand the test of time and are compatible with your company's growth. When purchasing a KVM switch, don't just go for "good enough." Plan for upward growth so you're not stuck using a KVM which is subpar to your needs.

When your business needs a KVM switch, it's best to educate yourself about it before making the purchase. For more complex equipment like KVM switches, it is highly recommended that you contact IT specialists at Cure Solutions when you need to purchase networking equipment. Inexperienced users could very well run into common installation issues and compromise your hardware. Cure Solutions can work with your in-house IT department to make sure you get the best fit for your KVM needs.

For more information about KVMs or IT services Cure Solutions provides, contact us at 319-753-CURE (2873).

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