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Angie Moore
With their new CURE Complete package, the budgeting is wonderful.
Now that I have CURE as my controlling people for my IT, I am able to focus on my job as an accounting supervisor and not an IT tech person. I am able to have CURE just call and deal with the software companies that support our business and have them fix any issues or do any updates and not worry about what they're trying to explain for me to do that I don't understand and they understand the tech talk that I do not. The budgeting is wonderful. That way you can know what you're going to spend every month and not what, you know, "Oh dear, I hope nothing breaks because I don't have it budgeted in." Now I know what's budgeted in and what it's going to cost no matter what happens. They're easy to work with, answer all my questions. It's just wonderful to work with them and not have the stress of being bombarded every morning when I come in to work with all kinds of computer problems. Response time's awesome. I can call and I'll have somebody on my screen immediately trying to figure out what's going on.
Angie Moore ( Supervisor Burlington Trailways www.burlingtontrailways.com )

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