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Tamara L. Dietsch
Chief Financial Officer Vice President, Lee County Bank and Trust, NA

Since Cure Solutions implemented the tablets a year ago, we have learned a lot of important features throughout many meetings. We currently use the tablets for our ALCO meeting, our LCBT board meeting and our LCC board meeting monthly. The ease of this is tremendous; I am constantly able to move items into the appropriate folders all throughout the month as applicable. I am not printing reports constantly nor having to prepare packets at the very last second prior to any meeting. It has a time savings, which is very important to me. From a member of ALCO committee or a board member, the archived meetings are definitely an improvement. No single person has to retain their previous month’s packet in order to look back on something. We thought it was important to have the members be able to look at any report at any time during any meeting. If I am reviewing financials and the board member wants to look at closed and opened accounts reports – they are able to do that. We had thought about a controlled view from a driving standpoint, where the meeting presenter would control the reports being viewed. All of our meetings and members are able to use these tablets with ease. We have had no complaints at all. Security was a huge issue for us, we discussed this with our regulators and our IT reviewers, external company, to ensure that we would be safe. At this time, there are only three tablets that leave the bank with employees. Of those tablets, the three have Verizon capability and are always left on in case they are lost and are able to be wiped. I would never want to go back to using paper again, the ease has made my job a lot easier. Any questions regarding the entire process, I would be more than willing to answer.

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