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Insight Partnership Group
Since using CURE Solutions, the staff at Insight Partnership Group has felt confident that all of our IT needs are being met.   Insight has offices in Mt. Pleasant, Ottumwa and Burlington and Sam and the staff at CURE are always finding ways to make things run more smoothly between all three offices.  Phone calls and service tickets are always responded to promptly and politely.  If there is a problem, In almost all cases, we are up and running within the hour
Insight Partnership Group
Angie Moore
With their new CURE Complete package, the budgeting is wonderful.
Now that I have CURE as my controlling people for my IT, I am able to focus on my job as an accounting supervisor and not an IT tech person. I am able to have CURE just call and deal with the software companies that support our business and have them fix any issues or do any updates and not worry about what they're trying to explain for me to do that I don't understand and they understand the tech talk that I do not. The budgeting is wonderful. That way you can know what you're going to spend every month and not what, you know, "Oh dear, I hope nothing breaks because I don't have it budgeted in." Now I know what's budgeted in and what it's going to cost no matter what happens. They're easy to work with, answer all my questions. It's just wonderful to work with them and not have the stress of being bombarded every morning when I come in to work with all kinds of computer problems. Response time's awesome. I can call and I'll have somebody on my screen immediately trying to figure out what's going on.
Angie Moore ( Supervisor Burlington Trailways www.burlingtontrailways.com )
Sherri Gorrell
We're very happy with the technicians as a whole. They're just really nice people, nice to talk to, good to work with, helpful.
You know, things have been running pretty smooth but I know that there’s been times where I mean we've had to have a restore done you know, an emergency kind of a situation. You guys came right over immediately. We've had some issues with backups that have been taken care of. Again, great service. You know, we appreciate the fast attention because that's what it boils down to for a business. You know, we're waiting and sometimes we're at zero... ground zero. We can't move forward until we see you guys get here, until you fix our problems. Computers are the crux of the business world today no matter what type of business that you're in. And if you don't have those to rely on you're pretty much stuck. And e-mail is a big thing anymore. With our e-mail, if it's not working, there's no one happy. Our files were corrupt; backup was failing and you know, the first thing we tried was the backup restore type of thing wasn't working, we found the corrupt files, you guys came in and fixed everything!

Sherri Gorrell ( Office Manager Brockway Mechanical www.brockwaymechanical.com )
Chip Giannettino
We called 753-CURE and it was cured. It's just that simple.
We had IP conflicts between our computers and our professional radio receivers, our satellite receivers, and it was a real boondoggle and CURE Solutions fixed it. It was a miracle because we struggled with it for weeks before we were smart enough to call. And we called 753-CURE and it was cured. It's just that simple. When we had our network problems here at the radio station, we finally got around to, after trying to fix it ourselves and making it worse, we finally got around to calling CURE Solutions and they were out same day and fixed it same day which really made us look silly because we wished we would have called a week sooner. I've had nothing but a great experience with CURE Solutions. I can tell you this, our network is a little different from the standard network that has only computers on it. Our computer network has also our satellite receivers on it which have CBS News, ABC, ESPN, all of that stuff. And when our network goes down, we're not just losing our computers, we're losing our audio, we're losing a baseball game, we're losing a NASCAR Race. We're losing important money-making stuff. And so the response time is really important to us. The fact that they came, CURE Solutions came right out and fixed the problem really made it work out great for us.

Chip Giannettino ( Owner KCPS Talk Radio 1150 AM www.kcpsradio.com )
Lori Glanzman
All the techs I have worked with out of CURE Solutions are very professional; they do know their stuff, very friendly and very, very accommodating. So I've been very pleased with CURE Solutions.
We have used CURE Solutions for several years now, along with we had an IT guy that was part time but CURE Solutions and him worked real well together. He retired, so now CURE Solutions is our main networking people to take care of us. They take care of our server and all of our desktop computers. I like having them here because they are in town. Also, it's a one call that I have to make and within, usually within the hour or two at the very most we've got somebody onsite looking into our problems. We had a server go down, on like, on a Thursday, and they worked the whole weekend putting a new server in and everything worked virtually very well on Monday morning. We just had a few things and, but other than that it was a good clean switchover. We have since changed or updated another server which went very well, too. We did that... everything was done. They did a lot of pre-work on that and so it only took a few hours to do that one. It was seamless. We also have our remote backups done with CURE Solutions which is a big plus in my mind because it's offsite backups

Lori Glanzman ( General Manager City of Mt Pleasant Utilities )
Dennis E. McGregor
I think CURE Solutions technicians are kind, courteous, very professional and I think more than anything else I think that they're good at what they do
In excess of five years I've had issues with computer crashes, server crashes, stalls in operations, and huge virus-spam problems that killed productivity among the entire staff. CURE Solutions was the first IT Company that actually looked at our system as a whole and captured the cause of our problems. We had four or five unrelated IT companies programming the system by their own separate standards which caused conflicting information within the server. The PCs, the printers, the internet and most everything attached to the server were not working together. CURE Solutions organized all of the conflicting data allowing our server to operate more efficient and effective with fewer operating issues for all our users. Since that day my life has been much relaxed. My responsibility, as Controller, is to work with numbers, not with computers. Thanks to CURE Solutions I can, now, concentrate on my career as Controller; not attempt to survive as an IT technician.

Dennis E. McGregor ( Controller Frank Millard and Company www.frankmillard.com )
Tamara L. Dietsch
I would never want to go back to using paper again, the ease has made my job a lot easier. Any questions regarding the entire process, I would be more than willing to answer.
Since Cure Solutions implemented the tablets a year ago, we have learned a lot of important features throughout many meetings. We currently use the tablets for our ALCO meeting, our LCBT board meeting and our LCC board meeting monthly. The ease of this is tremendous; I am constantly able to move items into the appropriate folders all throughout the month as applicable. I am not printing reports constantly nor having to prepare packets at the very last second prior to any meeting. It has a time savings, which is very important to me. From a member of ALCO committee or a board member, the archived meetings are definitely an improvement. No single person has to retain their previous month’s packet in order to look back on something. We thought it was important to have the members be able to look at any report at any time during any meeting. If I am reviewing financials and the board member wants to look at closed and opened accounts reports – they are able to do that. We had thought about a controlled view from a driving standpoint, where the meeting presenter would control the reports being viewed. All of our meetings and members are able to use these tablets with ease. We have had no complaints at all. Security was a huge issue for us, we discussed this with our regulators and our IT reviewers, external company, to ensure that we would be safe. At this time, there are only three tablets that leave the bank with employees. Of those tablets, the three have Verizon capability and are always left on in case they are lost and are able to be wiped. I would never want to go back to using paper again, the ease has made my job a lot easier. Any questions regarding the entire process, I would be more than willing to answer.

Tamara L. Dietsch ( Chief Financial Officer Vice President Lee County Bank and Trust NA )
Stacey Molter
CURE Solutions makes my job easier so that I don’t have to worry and stress out about how to fix the computers
I am very impressed with the response time and dependability that CURE Solutions gives us. We have remote clinics that we often have problems with connectibility and transmission and we can call the staff at CURE will either be down there quickly to take care of it or log in remotely to try to see if they can fix the problem without needing to come to the remote sites. CURE Solutions makes my job easier so that I don’t have to worry and stress out about how to fix the computers. I always enjoy calling the staff at CURE Solutions because they are very friendly and more than happy to help with our problems.

Stacey Molter ( Office Manager Burlington Ear Nose & Throat www.burlingtonent.com )
Patty Goudie
CURE Solutions has saved our business from disaster on several occasions.
CURE Solutions has saved our business from disaster on several occasions. They are very quick to respond whenever we have a problem and they can always fix the problem in a very efficient and professional way. The technicians are very knowledgeable and we rely on them to handle all of our computer needs. As many businesses do, we rely on our computer system to operate our day-to-day business, so when our server went down on a busy Monday morning we immediately called CURE Solutions. Mike was at our office within ½ hour. When he determined that our server needed replaced, he quickly had two of our computers up and running (I think he is magic?) so that we could continue serving our customers without interruption. We made the decision to replace the server with PC’s at every station so he worked all day and had every station up and running by the time we opened the next day. Thank you cure Solutions for being such an important part of our business!! We would recommend you to anyone looking for quality service!

Patty Goudie ( Office Manager Burlington Pediatrics www.burlingtonpediatrics.com )
Sheila Moore
They are reasonably priced, extremely knowledgeable, and excellent communicators
Since CURE Solutions has a local office, their response time is incredibly fast. The experience we have had with the technicians has been exceptionally good. They are reasonably priced, extremely knowledgeable, and excellent communicators.
Sheila Moore ( COO Momentus Golf www.momentusgolf.com )
Bill Gullberg, Jr
They get us back up and running as swiftly as possible or more efficiently than before so that we can concentrate on helping our clients
Our office uses CURE Solutions for all of our computer repair, upgrade, and networking needs. The intra-office network installed by CURE enables us to utilize a multicomputer time-keeping program for our office, increasing our productivity. The network also allows each of us to easily print to the network printer of our choice, giving us the option to print our documents in black & white or color from any computer and the ability to send our print jobs to an alternate printer if the main printer is busy. CURE’s knowledgeable staff has also been very helpful in advising us with regard to what upgrades our computers require - be it a memory upgrade, a hardware attachment like a USB hub, or a complete upgrade to a new machine - to enable us to most efficiently run the software that we need. Finally, when it comes to computer repair, CURE is the best! If we have a technical question about or problem with one of our computers, we call CURE and they help us find a solution. If we have a problem that they can’t solve over the phone, then they come to our office in Illinois and stay until the problem is solved. They have even been able to retrieve the hard drive from a crashed laptop, rescuing years of work - including essential documents and office files - from oblivion! In short, when our office has a computer problem or needs a technological solution, we call CURE Solutions. They get us back up and running as swiftly as possible or more efficiently than before so that we can concentrate on helping our clients.

Bill Gullberg, Jr ( Gullberg & Box www.advocatesforu.com )
Jeff Heald
I would recommend this type of program to any business that requires multiple people to stay in touch for board related issues
I am writing today concerning the iPad secure document system Installed by Cure Solutions at Great River Christian School. Prior to the installation of this program we used a tremendous amount of paper at each meeting, let alone sometimes having to make extra copies when needed. We also were limited because every person had to be at every meeting in order to get the information they needed to make informed choices. Also, care had to be taken not to leave a paper with sensitive information in a room shared by others. With the iPad secure document system, we are now able to easily share information with each other securely, with a lot less paper, and anywhere the Internet is available. Furthermore, with this technology, I have been able to bring a portable scanner and upload documents during a meeting to all the iPads at the same time, making it easier for everyone to have the information needed. In conclusion, I would recommend this type of program to any business that requires multiple people to stay in touch for board related issues

Jeff Heald ( School Board President Great River Christian Schools )
Claire Conner, Janne Hunsaker
It is reassuring to know help is only a click away!
Going with Cure Solutions was a very wise business decision for us. Before we became a client of Cure Solutions, we needed to work with multiple sources for our IT problems. Cure knows our entire IT system and solves any IT problems that arise for us. Customer service is amazing! You are on a first name basis with all the technicians and they work until they find a successful solution for any of our problems or concerns in as short of time as possible. Whenever we have problems that cannot be solved with customer service by remote access they physically come to our office the same day and the problem is solved before we leave. No matter how large or small a problem, Cure Solutions always make you feel like you are their number #1 customer.

Claire Conner, Janne Hunsaker ( National T.T.T. Society www.nationaltttsociety.org )
Thank you Cure Solutions and John Morris
I have a great experience with Cure Solutions. I had been working with another company and getting no satisfaction on my computer problem. I decided to call Cure Solutions to see if they could remedy my computer’s problem. John Morris came to the rescue. I love my new computer and John Morris was so helpful in setting it up and making sure I was familiar with all programs before leaving.

Leslie Dieterich ( W. A. Sheaffer Foundation )

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